Drop .syx file here


This editor will allow you build a configuration or edit an existing configuration for the Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro MIDI Foot Controller.

If you also use a TriAxis, you might be interested in my TriAxis Preset Editor


If you find this useful, drop me a note on Mastodon and let me know.

The source code is available here on Github. If you find any bugs, please file an issue.


To customize an existing dump, drop the syx file in the region indicated or you can start with a blank configuration.

To import individual presets from an alternate syx dump and merge into the current configuration, select "Import Presets"

Select "Download .syx" to download the resulting configuration.


This editor is still undergoing testing. It is currently being tested against a GCP with firmware v1.13

Always have backups of your configurations. Use at your own discretion.